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Gold Coast Hospital Foundation in collaboration with Gold Coast Health, Griffith University, Bond University and Southern Cross University is proud to support the Collaborative Research Grant Scheme 2021. The research grant scheme is a competitive grant program which provides up to $100,000 for research projects of one to three years’ duration.

The aim of this grant scheme is to support innovative, collaborative and responsive health care research that optimizes our system of health care and facilitates:

  • a strong research culture within GCH facilities;
  • increased research capacity of GCH and its staff;
  • meaningful collaborations between GCH research active staff and academic partners;
  • translatable research that addresses one or more of the core challenges that are significant to the provision of quality healthcare to our communities; and
  • high quality health and health system related research that has impact locally, nationally and internationally.

How to apply

The 2021 Collaborative Research Grant Scheme is now open for Expressions of Interest and will close on 14 June 2021.

The scheme involves a two-step application process. The first step involves submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI). Following review of the EOI by members of the Review Panel, applicants with a successful EOI submission will be invited to prepare a full application.

To submit an EOI, follow the below links for full details:-

  1. Download the expression of interest, guideline and document templates
  2. Access the SmartyGrants submission platform