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Please help patients like Alliyah receive the lifesaving care they need

“I never held her, never heard her cry. My first cuddle was when she was nine days old,” mother Kathryn said.

For three-year-old Alliyah, breathing on her own has been a daily struggle since birth. Thanks to the generosity of people in the community, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation helps to support patients like Alliyah by easing the distress of medical hardship on patients and their families.

Born with a rare respiratory condition affecting the lungs and airways, little Alliyah spent the first 20 months of her life in hospital. She underwent a surgical procedure called a tracheostomy where a permanent breathing tube was urgently inserted into her windpipe through the neck to help her breathe more easily.

For mum Kathryn, Alliyah’s life-threatening condition meant she missed out on many special moments with her new baby.

“I never held her, never heard her cry. My first cuddle was when she was nine days old… she was covered in tubes, she’d not long been extubated and was trying to breathe through a nose snorkel for the first time and she wasn’t coping at all,” Kathryn recalls.

There are many other children just like little Alliyah who must endure numerous surgical procedures and lengthy stays in hospital. Gold Coast Hospital Foundation needs the public’s support to help reduce the distress for children and adults facing medical hardship.

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