Vision, Mission & Aims

Our Vision

No one in our community experiences hardship caused by illness or disability.

Our Mission

Raise funds to relieve the distress of illness, promote wellbeing and further medical advancements.

Our Values

  • Passionate – We enthusiastically raise funds to help our community overcome hardship caused by illness and disability.
  • Dynamic – We are enthusiastic, creative and forward-thinking in our approach.
  • Accountable – We take pride in what we do and are responsible for all actions. We achieve targets and deadlines.
  • Quality – We are helpful and friendly, providing quality service to all stakeholders. We use good systems and appropriate processes.

Primary Objects

Those objects, as identified in the Hospitals Foundations Act 1982 (Qld), for the relief of poverty and distress of humans in Queensland caused by illness or disease.

Secondary Objects

To exist as a charitable, not-for-profit, public benevolent institution and to function as such, with excellence, for the purpose of achieving the Primary Objects.

The relief of poverty and distress, such as sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune or helplessness, of humans in Queensland, but particularly the Gold Coast, caused by illness or disease.


  • To raise funds for the purchase of medical aids and equipment
  • To identify and purchase medical aids and equipment
  • To operate a cancer patient transport service
  • To partner with Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services, and the Gold Coast Hospital in the furtherance of the primary objects
  • Support above and beyond what the Government provides in the usual course of government expenditure
  • To provide training and grants for the purpose of furthering the primary objects
  • To undertake community awareness and public programs that will ultimately assist in furthering the primary objects
  • Funding programs or procedures for pain management and control
  • Music therapy for patients
  • Patient relaxation havens
  • Accommodation for families of trauma patients