2019 Collaborative Research Scheme Now Open











The Gold Coast Health and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Research Grant Scheme offers Gold Coast Health staff the opportunity to research areas that will benefit our community and optimise our health care system into the future.

The 2019 grant round is open and we’re calling for expressions of interest from recipients who demonstrate our focus on impactful research that is translated into patient care, supports staff to develop their research capacity, and promotes collaboration.

Recipients from 2018 have made significant progress since being awarded funding including a Queensland Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Collaborative which mandates sepsis treatment bundles, strongly lead by Dr Christa Bell  from Gold Coast University Hospital (pictured above 3rd from left with her team).

You can read about all 2018 research recipients projects and the impact they will have by visiting 2018 Research Recipients.

Arrival of wheelchair to help severely disabled patients













The physiotherapy and rehabilitation department at Gold Coast University Hospital has just received a very important and welcome donation that will provide crucial beenefits for patients who are severely disabled.

The Quickie IRIS Tilt in space wheelchair – will be used for appropriate seating in the rehab setting to deliver greater patient outcomes. Assistant Director of the department Jenny Quaill says the wheelchair is a critical addition to their daily treatment routines. “We currently have insufficient numbers of tilt in space wheelchairs to meet the demands of the very complex patients admitted to our rehab units.We will be able to appropriate seat patients to ensure their safety, improve their ability to interact with the world around them and to optimise their rehab program”

The purchase of this wheelchair was made possible by the generosity of members from the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland, Tambourine Mountain area, and we thank them for their fabulous support.