Apr, 2013

Molly’s story

For some people, an iPad is just a toy. For others it is a lifeline.

Eight-year old Molly has ADHD and speech and language difficulties. Forming relationships and behaving well are difficult for her.

The Child and Youth Mental Health Service at Robina Hospital are working with Molly, her family and her school to help her control her emotions and improve her behaviour.

At first it was difficult to get to know Molly as she was reluctant to communicate with health staff.

They noticed she had an interest in technology and decided to work with her through an iPad full of therapeutic applications and games.

Using an iPad resulted in an immediate improvement in Molly’s interaction with health staff – she became curious, asking questions and being more spontaneous.

Using an application such as ‘One Minute Meditation’, Molly learnt to recognise and control her emotions.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation has helped Molly to have better relationships with the other children at school and her family.

*Name has been changed.

Patient Molly