Jul, 2024

Rob Molhoek Joins Gold Coast Health Team for Gold Coast Marathon


As race day weekend approaches, we want to highlight the Gold Coast Health team and their dedication, with a special mention of Rob Molhoek, who will be joining them in support of the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

“On February 23rd, I found myself somewhere I never expected to be: in the Critical Care Ward of Gold Coast University Hospital. As I lay there, I thought, ‘This is it. It’s over. I never saw this coming.’ Over the next couple of days, the doctors and staff constantly reminded me that the most important thing was to maintain a positive attitude and focus on recovery,” said Rob.

Rob was completely paralysed on his left side and couldn’t use his left hand, speak properly, or walk. Determined to focus on his recovery, he handed his wheelchair back to the physio staff and has been learning to walk again.

“While I was in the hospital, a remarkable woman, Karen Smith, ferried me to rehab and back each day for the next seven weeks. Karen is one of those remarkable people who just quietly get on with their job diligently and faithfully, day after day, while cheering you on and never allowing you to entertain a negative thought,” Rob continued.

Karen is the driving force behind the Gold Coast Health team, rallying health staff across all departments and well-known Gold Coast locals to go the extra mile and raise funds for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

“Naturally, I had to join them! And so, from my wheelchair, I optimistically registered myself to participate in the 5K event at this year’s marathon. At the time, I said to Karen, ‘I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to walk,’ to which she replied, ‘Well, then we’ll just have to push you along in your wheelchair, but somehow, we’ll make it work.'”

We are incredibly grateful to Karen and her team, and to well-known locals like Rob and Spida Everitt, who are raising much-needed awareness and critical funds for the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation.

The funds raised from the Gold Coast Marathon runners will help ensure our local community has access to the best possible health care when they need it most. You can support Rob, Karen, and the team by donating via the button below.

The Gold Coast Health team will be sporting bright green t-shirts with the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation logo. Make sure you give them a big cheer when you see them running on the weekend!


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