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Feb, 2024

The Lottery Office Generously Gifts Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Prime Logo Placement on Gold Coast Titans Junior Jersey


Titans players Kieran Foran and Tanah Boyd, joined by Titans Mascot Blade and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation Mascot Betty Get Better, were eagerly anticipating a heartwarming meeting with two young leukemia fighters, 4-year-old Bodhi and 5-year-old William. This special encounter has been made possible by the generous support of Australia’s leading provider of international lotteries, The Lottery Office, who have gifted the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation the naming rights on the front of the junior jerseys through their principal partnership with the Gold Coast Titans this year.

In collaboration with The Lottery Office, the Gold Coast Titans are not only created new opportunities for The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation but also brought joy to young warriors like Bodhi and William. The commitment of The Lottery Office and Gold Coast Hospital Foundation to supporting the local community allowed these young leukemia fighters to share extraordinary moments with their sporting heroes.

William, a cheerful and outgoing 5-year-old, is just under two years into his T-Cell Leukemia battle. When diagnosed, William had had masses on his liver and a huge mass on his chest. Although William had fought through sepsis, skin infections, and chest infections, his mum, Kristin, had shared, “Even at his worst, William has found a way to play and be happy. As a parent watching your child go through the worst time of his life, he made it easier on me. He found a way to turn his cancer battle into an adventure.” Having recently started Prep, William was thrilled at the opportunity to meet the Titans players.

Meanwhile, Bodhi, then four, had been diagnosed with B-Cell Leukemia at 22 months old, in a tragic twist losing his mother to cancer within 8 weeks of his diagnosis; they had both been diagnosed just 6 days apart. Bodhi has been a true fighter, completing his treatment in January after a 2-year battle. He had been eagerly awaiting the players, making it clear that he would love to play some footy with both Kieran and Tanah. Both dreams came true, thanks to The Lottery Office, Gold Coast Hospital Foundation, and the Gold Coast Titans’ dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of these young fighters and the most vulnerable in our local community.

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation plays a crucial role in providing vital support and access to quality health services for the local Gold Coast community. Partnerships, such as the one with the Gold Coast Titans and The Lottery Office, had helped deliver essential services. Operating without government funding, the Foundation raises funds to enhance health services, focusing on cancer patient transport, emergency accommodation, critical life-saving medical equipment, and creating positive experiences for patients like Bodhi and William during their most challenging times. All funds raised remain within the Gold Coast, directly supporting our local community. Initiatives from the Foundation also included crucial upgrades to the children’s wards, featuring new wall decals and improved seating to help foster a more comforting environment during challenging times. One of the touching initiatives has been the installation of a bell that both Bodhi and William will ring proudly at the end of their cancer treatments. Bodhi, having recently completed his chemotherapy, has been gearing up for this significant moment, while William is set to finish his treatment in July.

Gold Coast Hospital Foundation CEO Russell Ousley expressed gratitude for The Lottery Office’s commitment, stating, “We are fortunate to have been gifted this opportunity from The Lottery Office, and our logo will proudly adorn the front of the Gold Coast Titans NRL jerseys during the Titans vs Warriors match in New Zealand, just like the one’s Bodhi and William wore at their meet and greet. It truly exemplifies the positive impact that corporate partnerships can have on our community, especially the lives of vulnerable children facing hardship. We are thankful for both The Lottery Office and the Gold Coast Titans.”

The Titans players, through their genuine connection with young fighters like Bodhi and William, had embodied the spirit of community support, making a lasting impact on those going through challenging times. To support the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation with raising funds to provide better health outcomes for the community, please click here to make a donation today.

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