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Together for Mental Health

The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit charity supporting the Gold Coast Health Hospital Service and our community.

Your support can help us deliver the best in mental health care for our local community. As an extension of our Annual Golf Day, ‘Mindful on the Green,’ we recognize that golf isn’t for everyone. However, you might like to join us for our ‘Women in Wellness Luncheon’ instead.

The luncheon will be a celebration of community, resilience, and well-being, helping to raise much-needed funds for life-changing mental health services and support for men, women, and children struggling with serious mental health issues.

Enjoy a sit-down, buffet-style lunch while listening to a couple of keynote speakers and mingling with like-minded men and women on a Friday for lunch.

After lunch, you can join the golfers for the announcement of our raffle prize winners and network with like-minded people.

Hosted by: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
When: Friday 26th July 2024
Time: 11am – 2pm
Location:  Links Golf and Wellbeing, Lugano Lounge, Hope Island Resort, 2 Springfield Drive, Hope Island
Tickets: $95pp
Includes: Buffet lunch, complimentary champagne, and hear from the wonderful Dr Katherine Hunt with an opportunity to also network with like-minded people.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome inquiries for our 2024 event sponsors.

Here is your chance to enhance brand visibility and recognition while also helping us to raise essential funds for a meaningful cause to support our local Gold Coast community.

For more information contact:

Megan Dixon, Corporate Partnerships megan@gchfoundation.org.au | 0424 462 532

Meet our Keynote Speaker – Dr Katherine Hunt

Dr Katherine Hunt combines her expertise in psychology with her passion for female empowerment to lead global research projects with real world impact. Katherine has experience working as a financial planner with Aspire Financial Planning, and Katherine holds a PhD in “The Law and Economics of Microfinance” from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Hamburg, and the University of Bologna. Katherine has a strategic view of important issues, granted by a Bachelor of Psychological Science, alongside her Bachelor of Commerce and First Class Honours in Finance. The author of dozens of peer-reviewed academic journal articles, textbooks, and book chapters, Katherine leads through example in her quest to share knowledge and make the world a better place. Katherine’s focus is helping individuals and businesses achieve personal and professional growth. Katherine has undertaken field research in places such as Pakistan, Bhutan and Nicaragua, has visited 66 countries (so far), and surfed in more than 20 of those.




Learn about one of her wonderful approaches

Title: The Surfer’s Guide to Self-Coaching:

Building Mental Health and Resilience Overview: Explore the surfer’s mindset as a metaphor for building mental strength and resilience. Dr Katherine Hunt combines expertise in Psychology, Coaching, and Surfing to deliver a feel-good session full of insights and energy. This enlightening session will guide you through the concepts of self-coaching, demonstrating how the discipline and focus required in surfing can be applied to personal development and mental health. You will gain insights into maintaining a positive outlook, overcoming obstacles, and cultivating a resilient spirit in both professional and personal contexts.